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The debate about technology dominating in the dj world is almost common at this point. Everyone thinks that if they grab a piece of software, they become instantaneously talented. By the looks of your profile pics you believe this to be true (headphones on smiling and acting like you’re scratching). Guess what’s worse? Djs being replaced by playlists. Yes diy can get you thinking you don’t need to hire a dj at all. You must remember that there is a skill that is based on talent and technical ability that no playlist can compensate for. A history and knowledge of music at ones finger tips is invaluable. I should also mention, reading crowds and blending/transitioning different genres seamlessly, shouldn’t be downplayed. There is also the adjusting of volumes per track or file, which may not big that of a deal to you. You could wind up having to be anchored next to your tablet, instead of having you in your most important position engaging your guests. The economy combined with technology has created tons of ways to factor the human touch out of daily life in general, no one seems to remember how it effects employment. At the end of the day, djing for some of us is a form of employment. It may not be your main stream of income, but in this ever changing economic environment, it has been one of the main factors in the rise in popularity of djing. We can continue to debate as to who is good or not good as a dj. I don’t think we can afford to debate about the need to keep human interaction “in the mix” of events, parties, nightlife and most importantly employment industries.
Awareness is key. Start here http://teespring.com/djsnotplaylists



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