my next fashion statement #playyourboxgirl! should always be EN VOGUE!

at some point you will become used to me saying or doing thing differently. it’s mostly a blessing lmao! we have far more female djs in or about to enter the game than i think I’ve ever seen. yes it may be trendy, and of course some may not last. because we are continually out numbered in terms of getting work, we need support and awareness. “play your box girl” means just that! if you’re serious about being as good as your male counterparts, if you understand what you are up against, you will need support! we, just like any other minority struggle amongst ourselves so we don’t unify to fight for the betterment of the team!

for the little ladies and the not so little ladies ..#playyourboxgir!l show them how much you love music, how much you love seeing female djs rock! the more people who believe in an equal playing field, the further we can go. for every venue, party or event that has decks a female dj should be employed ..


its is also available in regular t’shirt style for both male and females who feel like we should be rocking together..


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