#musicmonday djing is an art

It’s a simple reminder. Audiences sometimes forget that though we are there to entertain, we also have creative missions. I shouldn’t say we, those dj’s who haven’t been exposed to the creativity involved in spinning music may not know this. They might just be playing what people want to hear. This is no diss. There is an overwhelming sense of pressure to “rock a crowd”. It can be very easy to play what the radio says will move them. As a dj, I want to be satisfied musically, as well. If you have ever caught one of my sets, you may find me dancing and singing (rapping). Yes, I too need to have a good time. This is one of my missions, the other is always to TRY and expose people to new, good and different music. This can be a challenge, based on what people “think” is “good” and “think” djing is about. One of the reason I don’t mind opening is because people walk into vibe creation.


The opportunity to warm a room up allows people to hear your range. It’s a period where building based on decor and your mood help creates the vibe. No one is there why would you expect to come in to “radio bangers”!? Vibe might be sexy, soulful, mingle music. Most don’t really want to “turn up” early. They want to drink and talk. Doesn’t quite say loud trap. Certain venues stray away from djs in general, based on the perception that djs don’t allow for lounge type vibes. Creativity shows that this isn’t the case.


When you have a history of music at your finger tips (and the skill to mix), you can touch places in folks they didn’t know existed. This creates and experience.


Creativity and risk taking makes for a better story. We need to make certain to represent WHY djing is an art and a necessity. We need to show why djs are the choice over playlists.





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