Free Phase, Art, Academia, DJs and Random People Collide .. Awesome Experience!

Oh I know you don’t have the same attention span that you used to lbs. I could potentially bore you with my excitement. (yes, I’m still excited). Like everyone else, at the beginning of the year I set out to create my list of things I need to focus on for 2015. After meeting with a few of my comrades and managing the rest of winter, I can’t recall returning to the list until today. One of the things on the list was to build relationships with more artists, academia and not so random people. Yes simply put, networking. Yes djing is really popular, and this is becoming more challenging. People will be lead to believe that there are only a few aspects to dj employment, clubs and parties. One of my current challenges is to extend the reach for myself, as well as those who maybe interested in exposing more of the art and business associated with djing. The universe works in it’s time and I know based on how things have been working as of late, it’s indeed time.

A series of events have happened since Jan.

This was the start of April.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.10.39 PM

Having had an opportunity to chat with Mary Datcher of The Chicago Defender about where I am in terms of djing, frames a road map to where I am headed.

I no longer subscribe to the concept of luck, when you know that you are calling for as well as being called to do. The law of attraction lead a group of very creative people into my circle of doing.

Mehdi and Kieth Obadike of New Jersey are a powerful wife and husband team. Both artists, musicians, educators and entrepreneurs.


 These two were commissioned by The Columbia College Center for Black Music Research which is run by Monica Hairston O’Connell


Three people who I find quite dynamic.

The work of being artists is so layered. Understanding the inner working of business as it applies to art, allows one to be able to navigate effectively contributing to humanity and individual survival.

Being aligned with these people for the suite called Free/Phase was an amazing experience.

DJs from different generations and places brought together under the guise of freedom songs.



Simply having people come to listening stations and selecting from a list that I know had the intent of creating a particular dialogue left me hungry for more! I altered my schedule because I wanted to get as much inspiration from this project as possible. I cannot say that I wasn’t fed by every conversation, there were definitely a few that struck me hard. The topic of putting god first was a common theme across the board. All were asked if they had to create a freedom song what would they write about. I am amazed at how open people were to communicating about topics, most would consider uncomfortable. based on the difference in races and walks of life.

I think you can clearly tell by the photos below what kind of time I had!



I think the most striking conversation i had was with these two..


 Brothers age 12 and 13. I’m not certain how the dialogue will translate. I think we all stumbled to be understood.

But what was very clear to me is that we need to spend a lot more time with our youth. We must expose them to the boundless possibilities they have and prepare them to defy the odds. Yes the odds are stacked, they may always be. I’m not sure that I really connected with them. One of my unspoken missions was to have people leave the table seeking freedom music and an overall greater purpose. It makes me wish I had more time to spend with these two specifically. This two confirm and strengthen my mission.

What I am renegotiating once again is the roll of the artist, the musician and of course the dj. Music is being taken far too lightly. It may very well be a calling card or introduction. It’s power is far greater than that.

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