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April / May has been a very busy period as spring should be.

no need to make waste of good time, lets get to it!

a couple of weeks ago i released this mix as i was prepping to go march in support of baltimore, chicago and black lives matter .. specifically for the purpose of awakening your senses https://www.mixcloud.com/fathomdj/iprsensoryawakenings/

sensory awakening

just a week before i released a mix called feeling fresh including jazz, soul, funk, old school , electronic, dance and more. to switch it up a bit and address 2 projects that were about to begin. one with jesse de la pena called sunday night supper club @ rodan 1530 N Milwaukee 7p chi


as well as the start of my dj series storytellers @ lokal, here in chicago’s wicker park (adjusting to Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays starting may 19th Lokal is @ 1904 W North ave 9p chi…

storyteller tues https://www.mixcloud.com/fathomdj/iprfeelingfresh/


the mix below is my set from jesses first installation of sunday night supper club


supper club image

short but sweet for those lacking attention spans..

stay tuned jedis!


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