Good music and people have options.. Summer time chi! wicker park Tuesdays & Sundays

For the love of good and different music, some of us continue to try and present options for the creative and ecclectic in taste.

We are truly pushing forth to give Wicker Park more soulful fire.

The first series of storytellers (yes it’s only one piece of the puzzle) is well underway and picking up steam at Lokal 1904 W North ave, a staple in Wicker Parks restaurant lounge community. In my opinion this space has the possibility of being able to serve a multitude of purposes on a Tuesday night. For those that need to eat (half off the entire menu), get work done, take a meeting, network, drink (rotating drink specials) and anything else that might strike your fancy. All that with the backdrop story aka soundtrack set to get your creative juices flowing.






Sunday Night Supper Club spear headed by Jesse De La Pena and Tina M Howell is also picking up steam.

Every Sunday night you have the opportunity to hear some of Chicago’s best spoken word performers, vocalists, and musicians all backed by the sounds of Jesse, myself and guest selectors creating an eclectic mix of jazz, soul, steppers and off the beaten path tunes.



needless to say I’m having fun lmao!


And guess what?! .. Summer has only begun! It’s free to come hang, just do us the favor of supporting said venues by purchasing food and or drinks, as it is our way of being compensated for creating and maintaining these options!

Hope to see you soon! 

Fathom DJ


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