I think anyone born before the year 87 in Chicago may have an understanding of what house music is. This is a very deeply rooted tree with many branches, from several different genres and spaces on the globe. It has changed faces and of course names, to some degree, for at least 40 years. Today most born after the 90’s don’t even realize that HOUSE birthed EDM. Unfortunately no different than younger people deciding not to explore and reference history in general, they may not make the connection. I wasn’t old (honestly wasn’t born in time) enough to really experience the rise of Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy. I do have a firm understanding of the original sounds that became known as house music for that period. They were danceable SOUL, RNB, FUNK, JAZZ, POP,  PUNK, and WORLD MUSIC for starters. In my opinion those genres are still found and being carried in the sound of house music. Having had several experiences spinning with Chicago’s continued torch carrier djs, I most certainly would like for you to reconsider what you think you know about this music. I also would like for you to reconsider what you think about djs who are categorized and not under the TITLE of HOUSE MUSIC DJS. I’ve never really been one for titles or categories (as I am capable and booked to play a multitude of genres). There are pros and cons that go along with this concept. What I do know for certain is the art of djing, in my opinion is not bound by categories and genres. It does start with a SKILLED conductor and this my friend is not something that happens for most within a 5 year period. It’s an art and practice.. My colleagues for the West Loop Art Fest, which happened this past weekend, exemplify said skills.


The fotos below are of those who played before and after I did on Sunday, also before my fon died and i got ..free! 🙂


forever monna 




the legendary dj lady d



david sabat



myself fathom dj



The entire event was powered by the lovely and Powherful

Carla Agostinelli 

Needless to say I am grateful to Carla A. and David Sabat for having the opportunity to be a part of the first of what I know will be many more WEST LOOP ART FESTS!

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