#tunetuesday when u dump SOME fotos from summer other places besides Fb

I posted a thought on Fb a few weeks ago, about how I missed going to my grandmas to hear about and see fotos of her trips. Social media has eliminated a very important part of the desire to connect in such a way. The desire to catch up with someone seems to be simply, going to their wall and finding something to “like” zzz. I’m withdrawing from Fb personally. This morning I chuckled at the thought of projector screens and the narrations during old school family showings of summer. So I’m loading fotos here with short caption to go with a few images I captured and didn’t post from this summer.

Lights Please!


The beginning of summer and a new used bike..


A really cool concept event (short lived) storytellers, at a venue with no loyalty to djs or music. (Even though it looks like it;)


image image

Payin homage to the great legendaries of house music 


I guess this girl (bike) is more cute, I guess I’m collecting now.


My favorite Jedi, being free after her first graduation. (Blessed to be a part of her life) #librapower


Yep that’s  my cousin / niece. Auntie / cousin loves her.


A decision to switch gears and lane switching for fathom dj.


If you’re going to unleash a different unseen side of yourself, you need to be armed. (Lol)


I know who I am more now than ever, people change, but my intent and heart won’t.


Meeting a Jedi that I instantly fall in love with. (Fathom loves the babies)


Executing a somewhat impromptu tour for a fellow analog girl.(the law of attraction has shown itself to be very powerful)


Unleashed a campaign that speaks of all things, music, my life and more. (Thoughts of Sandra Bland come to mind)


Working with a friend to produce a fundraiser. (Live music means more thoughts of future endeavors for fathom dj and abston consulting)


Nina Simone’s documentary and tribute album are released. (She leaves me .. Effected to say the least)


We live because of you. The beautiful high priestess of SOUL. All Hail!


Sun burn over a tan, cute toe nail polish and the love of furry butts. (Grounded)


I learn most by watching people. They mostly disturb me but there is tons to know, mostly what not to do.


Weddings and unions, creating a soundtrack for a monumentous occasion. (I’m always honored)


A somewhat creepy mansion, with a group of smart people who understand the meaning of group economics. (The Keith house in the south loop)


One of the weddings partners entertaining her guests :).


My favorite aunt reminds me of how kick ass she is, Even while in mourning. (Goodbye granddaddy)


I’m over selfies, especially ones with the fon in the foto. I love this tank and leggings though. (Shut up and create Enstrumental go buy something)


It’s been a minute since I traveled this way. Hmm thumb drives and CDjs or at least a new traktor interface are definitely on the menu. Grateful for the experience.


Up in the air, giving it up to God for allowing me to get closer to those on high and hear them more clearly.IMG_3963

I could live here. Yep in this room. Musical heaven. Atl


Super moon beasting and I’m preparing for a full day of music and magic. (Nature is in control)


Capturing an experience for a fellow activist artist Jedi, sharpening my eye. ( a real camera is on the menu abston consulting needs proper documenting tool, iPhone has a dope app though)


The room was grounded and ready for the gifts of talent to be conveyed.


Met a very talented beacon of sound and song. (Magic is being made)


Quick imaging for the sound table. Did I know Karl Injex was the owner before I accepted the gig.. nope! (Now I’m nervous lol)


Somewhere between the legendary studio Monica recorded in earlier and the dj booth at the sound table, I find my place and left for space. (The crowd went with me :))

image image image

Got back on the ground and was so inspired. Khari and I started working on a project we’ve been brewing. (Stay tuned)


 I have to touch down with my favorite Jedi. (Family first)


Of course we had a jam session. #slavetotherhythm


She totally gets it. This is music history 101. #teachthebabies


Another event, another curious lil Jedi! Yes I love the babies!


Change is good, several events all dresses. I know I’ve grown.  #majestics


Sacred insists I be still, so she sits on my chest. (Management is a trip)


The work doesn’t stop. I make art hair, music, imaging and more. (Stay tuned)


A jedi I met in spring, has a great eye. She deserves capturing.


Good capturing from Ireashia Monet, we were both focused.image

A good night to boogie, all house music.


Waitng on my turn, being the early nerd pays. #westloopfest


As promised it didn’t rain and magic was made. #mayormccheese


I’m focused and so was dave Sabat when he captured it.


Met a special person in Atl with a powerful voice and pen, added a friend from Nigeria and now we CAN make magic. #staytuned https://soundcloud.com/fathomdj/an-artist-manifesto-can


A new mix with a lot to say http://mixcloud.com/


Back to the sacredness management  and creation


Ireashia monet asks me to interview so I share some of my thoughts on djing and art https://vimeo.com/137545602


I’m blessed to have some fun in my entrepreneurial endeavors. #grateful


My eating habits have been on the decline. Picked up a bad habit hanging with the babies. It’s September time to reboot! (These joints are good though!)

Music, my life and more.. stay tuned..


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