#tunetuesday Djs, event curating, promoting and better investments..

Yes, djing and parties clearly go hand in hand. The evolving dj has probably thrown their own events, as I have. If you are promoting “popular” or “commercial” music, getting a “crowd” shouldn’t be an issue. You have the radio and popular artists to drive your events. This is a very safe way to ensure you can make a return on your investments. Yes event curating is an investment. Not just of money, but your time. I might need to add curating quality events.:-/ You’ll need to run around scouting locations, creating and or paying for imaging, booking people to perform (yes you should hire other djs), possibly sound, paying for sm posts and shooting out emails/texts to let people know directly what you’re doing. This has very little to do with the venue or the night of the event. Ha! Now if you’re curating niche underground (music) events your work could even triple, simply to get people to consistently get off Fb, find something cute to wear and convince someone to watch their kid(s).

The hope would be that the venue has some form of compensation (in our dreams:-/) to aid you marketing and promoting their business to your audience. If you are LUCKY, you may get the door and or a percentage of the bar. This is hardly ever the case in today’s nightlife environments. You drum up tons of potential patrons for an establishment wether they show up on your night or because you exposed the spot to your people, who may reference it at any given point. You’ve worked for a venue with no guaranteed compensation. (lmao I’m sorry these folk think we need them and they don’t need us) It’s actually a fail on all parties parts. Everyone seems to want something for free and eagerly anticipate artists and independents who need platforms to take advantage of. I aplologize to those venues and promoters who don’t fall in this vampire category. We clearly have missed your angelic glow amongst the darkness :-).

I have worn a lot of hats. I’ve djed, I’ve created events, made marketing and promotional tools for events, worked the door, booked talent, done sound, done live sm streaming; almost everything except bar tend and security.  Even as recent as May, I took on a venue in order to test out a project concept called “storytellers the art of djing”. Yes you too might have saw that fast burn. I take full responsibity for it’s failure. Why you might ask? I told myself well over a year ago, that I wouldn’t take on events without proper accountability and budgets (from venues as well as myself). Yes we are all trying to make a $1 out of .15c, while taking on endeavors to further brand exposure. We have to attack areas that have not been availed to us. 

Create PRODUCTS, that create buzz, before curating events. The events need to be bi product.

As it pertains to djs, I mean music creation as product.(specifically for this post) No, production isn’t an over night skill. This is in part why most won’t try, even though they boast about having tons of equipment. (either in storage or underneath clothes in the spare room) It’s not an easy undertaking, especially if you suffer from the need of instant gratification.(anyone active in sm now does) There are many positions to play as a “producer”, that don’t have to have anything to do with learning software programs and musicianship, if you aren’t an artist.(reference diddy lmao) 

Even with the current state of music being (sadly) less profitable for those creating, two things music has that party promoting doesn’t is longevity and reach. Music has the power to reach beyond the confines of brick and mortar venues.(that you don’t own;) Strategically aligning yourself with talented musicians, singers and producers (if you aren’t hands on) can give your brand the possibility of reaching people and markets your local event could never align you with. Yes you still have to run the same promotional strategy and potentially invest a greater amount of money. But think about some of the music you have in your collection that keeps reinventing itself. Remixes, reworks and edits alone draw new attention to product that could be well over 30 years old. People reference videos and albums over and over. (if they are dope 😉 Regardless to the language spoken, the potential to reach corners of the globe that you may never travel are far greater than your event. (killed after 3 weeks in due to lack of turn out)

This isn’t to say that it’s just that simple. But when you’re addressing the needs of your dj / music brand and products, this could render more international bookings and broader connectivity. Original music content and bi products are definitely to be considered a long term investment, with the potential of rendering (modest) long term pay offs. Your brand can immediately get new visability, if you plan properly.

I know personally, I’ve been poking at production for a while now. Yes, I too have been collecting equipment and throwing clothing on top. In the last  2 years I’ve been focused on learning more, sitting with producers and researching. Now is the time to get uncomfortable and really put things to work. We will then throw parties in order to celebrate and further the reach of the products we create ;). But now we focus! 

 Here’s an introduction to a few projects I am collaborating on, set to launch soon :)! 




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