Fb I wrote you a letter 3 weeks ago..

You brought us here under false pretenses. Having us believe that we would be connected to our family, friends and colleagues in a very intimate and personal way. I specifically came here to market and brand various entrepreneurial endeavors I’m engaged in. You have changed the environment and our mentalities without some of us being aware.(and that’s the easiest way) I have over 4,900 “friends”, I’ve aquired based on marketing myself as Fathom Dj. This was not done under my birth name but my self given artist name, that is now on of my BRANDS. One has to ask why all of a sudden you have determined that we have to use our government name. No, I’m not stupid. I’m well aware that there are tons of people who are doing things that they wouldn’t, if they had to give their full government (mama given) name. It only goes to prove that you CANNOT control what you don’t own. We don’t own Fb .. We don’t own Instagram or any of the other sites that we have made are “homes”. It means at any given point, you can come in and switch the game up and because we are all so addicted, we adhere to your bogus ass rules.  I’ve been looking to disconnect from you, because you have changed so much that, I can hardly stand to be in your environment. Sounds like the United States huh? You’re asking me to prove my identity and change my name was the nail in the coffin…  



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