#motivationmonday Leaders, followers, users, givers and you…

I’ve supported many. I will continue to do so, because it is in my nature. I have supported people and businesses, I’ve worked for and with, that have never reciprocated outside of their needs. I’ve reffered colleagues (djs, artists and others) for oppurtunities and not gotten as much as a wink in return (from them specifically). I’ve spent hours on the fon with “friends”, counseling them on their problems and not had them even think to check on me. Lbs I can’t say I don’t have regrets about my involvement in this; making people assume that I’m always good and in control of my life. This could be why they don’t seem to reference my life or needs beyond their own.

I’ve put lots of others in front of my own needs and have called it “inspiring”. I love inspiring while aspiring, it’s one of my mottos. I will continue to help but at this point, sitting on the verge of a new year (birthday & new year 16′), but I’m turning a new page. We will become equally yoked in our needs and endeavors or not at all. It’s not a state of selfishness, but self care. It’s balance and appropriate for a libra, who for the sake of the scales, has to have both give and take. A glass half empty and full.  

It’s really a matter of prioritizing. I’ve seen people who “love” my works not shed a speck of light on them. I’ve worked in venues and salons that I’ve promoted and paid rent to that have not reffered me for various oppurtunities. Yes this is capitalism, the ungiving beast. 

But there is also the universe that houses God and a crew of powerful others including my recent family members, that have watched my actions, my struggles and desires unfold. They are the reasons why I stay faithful to being a nurturer, a vessel and creator/inspirer of many things. 

And though I will be mindful of who I reach to assist and become more mindful of the fact that I require assistance, I will still give. Now I will give with a more keen sense of intuition and discernment. Because giving makes me happy and that’s a great return on a well worthy investment.

#closewindows and #opendoors Fathom Dj, Natural Artistry & Abston Consulting.


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