#tunetuesday What always seems to resonate in Chicago .. hate 


I’m never one to dwell in lower level spaces as it pertains to energy and hate. Because I’m human, I won’t say that people won’t drive me to dark spaces. The idea that someone would report you on Fb never crossed my mind until this very moment.(thanks cousin) Lmao Onr would have to ask themselves what I might be doing that created such an energy. Let’s see my photo shoot in June created a new draw. That was June, not September. Hmm 

Ooooooh it could only be one thing. The new song that’s about to drop from CAN that I’ve been promoting soo hard. An artists manifesto https://soundcloud.com/fathomdj/an-artist-manifesto-can campaign could cause somebody uncomfort. 😑Lmao it’s very typical especially in Chicago for haters to try and defuel your mission. Why me? Because I don’t fuck with people. You’d think that this wouldn’t be an issue. Leaving people alone and minding your business in this world, but especially in Chicago, seems to have a very loud effect. Could it have been the talented producer who allowed me to step behind his curtain and see how raggedy his operation really is? Could it be the “promoter” who thinks he can throw up awful imaging with no marketing plan and think that marketing savvy folk will just ride with him in a boat full of holes. Or the loads of others who may sit back bitter because their long stents at djing are ending because they don’t know how to reinvent, like it’s my fault. 

This is the unfortunate environment that talented but derailed people live in in Chicago. I just had a conversation about the difference between the poetry community and the house music “community” here. We really don’t have communities for either. My understanding though is that the poetry circle has or had a connectivity and care that the house circle doesn’t. (Or maybe music scene in general) You can’t just roll through and do good things for yourself and others and come off as a upstanding citizen. It’s one of the reasons why our city is being plagued with crime and a financial take over. People are so angry that they don’t have vision and gumption to try and build from the rubble, that they instead stone each other.

This is not ok. But I’ll tell you what is, the fact that it’s not the first time someone has intentionally set out to sabotage my doings. Lmao They should know by now,  I won’t stop. (Like its a thought based on the idea that I just started in my mind)

I’m actually tickled by the idea that someone thinks that Fb is my only source for marketing. It’s part of the issue. They don’t really know how large the world and my potentially reach are.

As for Chicago’s painfully obvious fails in the world of music. The bigger issue is that we haven’t had enough successes to will a place of consisitency that says everyone CAN. This is why we dwell in mostly places of can’t and won’t. It’s also why people who want more leave and seemingly do better faster. I’m preparing to see what that life is like. 😉



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