Libra season & Change 

I’ve seen celebrations for no reason, like simply because it’s the weekend (you know those happen weekly.. Right?). This is not to suggest that life or small things aren’t worth acknowledging. There’s something about being so oppressed that one looks for the smallest most mediocre things to rejoice in. I feel it is lower level in thinking. I know lower level thinking existed before, but I’ve seen social media further skew the mentalities of people into believing that nothingness requires acknowledgement (my shoes are too cute.. “like”). This is one of the many reasons I made the decision to minimize celebrating holidays and birthdays (including my own). Most of these things are used for one thing only and that is to drive people to desperate acts for attention. It’s smart for business, peoples low  emotional states can cause them to engage in levels of consumerism that mimic gluttony.

We all want to feel better, be better, be accepted, but to the point of being worshipped? It’s what I see when some folk post. The question is what makes one worthy of being worshipped? What levels of change do we go through to get acceptance? And does changing to get acceptance mean that people accept you for who you are, if so why’d you change to seek it?  I’ve always thought too much before speaking. I’m practicing thinking before posting. Is what I post important? Will it help people if I share it? Will people understand it or ask questions to get my personal intent for sharing? I mostly come up with no’s. No some things don’t require such depth of thought. Maybe it’s the mercury retrograde that has me so still or it’s the requiring of change that I need on this day. I sit in silence on my birthday. The change that I require has to do with me and my truths, needs and the universe. It has nothing to do with acknowledgement from others. Which is why you won’t find me marching up and down social media letting people know it’s my birthday.. “Pay attention to me”. There’s a path that I’m seeking that requires more than what people seem to have in them. 

Social media is a shallowly skewed view and people have allowed their brains to become just as narrow. So there doesn’t seem to be room for elaborations, deeper thinking, slow and intensive plans and ideologies. It’s why I choose to sit alone today. In reflection and preparation for a new me and a new mind.
 A libra in thought at the beginning of a new season and year.



  1. ndambukidennis · September 26, 2015

    I have been trying to figure out whats this power in social media that has it soo much into people but to some extent,i thought its not the social media instead its the users abd now you have clearly depicted my thoughts that were to be..thats the feeling am having after reading this post.

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