Libras.. #fathomdj #astrology #libraseason Since it’s the season we can give them a peek .. 

Because I think deeply and more strategically, I have an explanation for almost EVERYTHING I do and say. Wether simple or complex, I understand my motives and action. What happens to others, they don’t have the time to want to care to understand how libra a works. If you’ve had any interaction with us at all, you might get that we aren’t for the bullshit. Because of this people may dodge us like the plague and it’s best that way. This is based on the fact that we’d rather be around people who live in the truth OF their bullshit, than ON bullshit. (Yes there’s a difference) For one simple reason, we have are own things to contend with. Even from space of care, we can remove those who are driven by drama and lack the desire to focus on changing in … a heart beat. Regardless to wether it hurts us or not, wether we struggle or not, if you are privied to any of our personal business and behavior, you should feel incredibly blessed to be so trusted. (Just be mindful of this)  #GUARDED for #BALANCE



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