#tunetuesday An Artists Manifesto #taketheoath .. #rant 

No I’m not the most popular. Lmao (not at all) I’m an artist on a multidimensional mission. Not only to create art for the sake of creating, I’m here to market the products I create and inspire others to do the same. I’ve seen tons of challenges that people take on via social media without questioning them at all. Yeah try the ice bucket challenge. I have friends who are artists, as I should lol. We launched this campaign well over a month ago, with specific verbiage to explain why this song and the oath are important to us and hopefully artists in general (and specific). For some strange reason we have been met with very little cooperation. I have moments of taking this very personally. Check my libra blog posting a few posts back. I think part of the reason is that folks have their own projects (not that they won’t need support). I also know that grassroots  campaigns get over shadowed by more commercial ones.

Below you will find the submissions we have received thus far. Please know that we appreciate those who have contributed and we are continuing to encourage those who may be interested …

Greetings Fellow Artists and Supporters of Creatives, (friends of Fathom Dj, Raheem Kashon and Deejay Moe)

I need your help. As you may have seen, I’ve been posting marketing materials lately to raise awareness for a project I’m a part of called C.A.N. This is an artistic effort to raise a voice and make a statement for creative people. It is specifically for those who use art as a tool, in their everyday life and lifestyle. As we are, the keepers of creative energy.

As a part of this effort to create this voice we are launching an ‘Artist Speak Campaign’. What this will be is a video that will display different artists taking the ‘An Artist’s Manifesto’ “oath”. Taking the oath is speaking the words of this song written by RaheemKashon. https://soundcloud.com/raheemkashon/an-artists-manifesto-sample Use your creativity to best convey the idea of the oath. The oath will require you to raise your right hand like we used to do to pledge allegiance to the flag as children in school.

‘I will use my heart to heal

I will use my heart to feel

To make visible those we don’t see

To give sight to those who can’t see

I will use my art to inquire

I will use my art to inspire

To give breath to those who can’t breathe

To be a voice for those who can’t speak


We are essentially trying to convey the idea of artists who are aware powers of art expressing their commitment to their art for this sake.

Please email us your video of under 1min taking the oath to anartistsmanifestocan@gmail.com. We will edit it and add it with the others to create an artist video collage. We will also create Instagram shorts, which we will send back to you, with special imaging and hashtags to post in your social media to help boost the moral of this effort.
Thank you in advance!

Fathom DJ – Chi

Raheem Kashon – Atl

Deejay Moe – NGA

An Artist Manifesto Instruction VIdeo



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