#Musicmonday One of the Reasons Why Your Music May Go Unheard ..  


By now you’re in promo mode (or should be), gathering your material while showing us your entire process as a means to promote your projects via social media. No different than any other campaign, the goal should be to prepare people for what’s coming, with th hopes that they will purchase. Erykah Badu has the right idea  …

 This shouldn’t be ruled out as a tactic for your campaign, simply because she already has the attention of an audience in her celebrity. It’s dope and effective. Yes there’s a campaign and even though it’s laid back, there’s a strategy. 

Who might be missing from the equation? 

You may not be able to get to popular radio with your tune. Umm you really won’t.(lol) This should be obvious for several reasons. You don’t have the connects and or the cash. Music is a political game. I know, they dressed it so fabulously you forgot. Social media has got you out here thinking you have the attention of your whole following. Everybodies going to see and oh yeah hear your project, because you have tirelessy marched up and down Facebook and Twitter. (With your Unsponsored posts ha) You’ve ruled out every possible niche fan and supporter that may land in the hands of those you don’t know, by overlooking the power of .. the Dj. You may have hit the bloggers and the other music outlets in this electronic world, but you’ve slept on the djs who also have followings, fans and maybe just maybe residencies in venues. 

I know it’s old school. Djs don’t seem to look like we have much influence these days. The “good ones” have been framed in a tight space with a bunch of attention whores grabbing up any hobby they can, for likes. Indeed, this phenomenon is real. You probably missed it if you assume all your friends have miraculously discovered they are talented djs. (Hahahaha yes I crack me up) They too could potentially aid you in your plight to push your product, though. 

I recently encountered a talent based here in Chicago who seemed pretty open upon being introduced. I reached out to set up a meeting to potentailly collaborate on some original projects. After having him initially be receptive, I was met with crickets. No, I’m not Funkflex, David Guetta, or Kid Capri (notice the all male theme, that in itself is problematic but I’ll stick to topic ;)) This as any other source for networking is a huge No no, because you don’t know how people may end up being helpful. A fan blows in the wind, a supporter holds you down continuously. (see how simple those terms are lol) Whatever you think you don’t see in social media allows you to make determinations that may not be just. Think outside of the box that seems to be running your life.

Outside of getting the opinions before releasing music, the easiest most identifiable purpose a Dj can have for a singer, songwriter and producer used to be obvious. One of the many purposes is to expose listeners to new and different music. At least, I was reared to believe this.  You might be able to score the likes and shares of your family and friends easily. (do people still share informational or intelligent  posts? Yeah wreaking of sarcasm lol) SOME still value the opinions of djs, though everyone has become critics and aficionados of EVERYTHING is this social media never never land. 

Without saying too much the idea is to be mindful that there are people in positions with expertise to assist you, that you may have forgotten about. This is one of the reasons why consulting and planning strategies is an important part of the creative process and why my reach is expanding ..

Consider Consulting .. 

I’m not only a client..



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