#Tunetuesday Chicago “taste makers” under acknowledge the home team musically.. Continuously.

I’m learning a lot. This is a great thing although painful at points. I constantly battle with my love and hate for Chicago. As I have said before, it has never really embraced me. I don’t quite fit in any of the categories this city likes to unfortunately box it’s natives in. At this point, I can no longer afford to give a damn. I am quietly focused on creating product that supercedes the spaces Chicago has made for itself. I sit back and watch the never ending stream of Chicagoan’s post info that overly acknowledges the shiny and “popular” underground musical artists around the globe, but not it’s own. I cannot say much about my past being any different, as I used to be one who mostly championed for the others. As I sit daily and work on my original music, I become more aware of the self hatred that plagues this city, specifically. Yes this goes beyond our art and music scenes of course. Right now I have to be direct. I won’t go as far as to name names, though I could just for the draw. (I could follow the footsteps of spike lees strategic plan to film his movie in this hot bed only for publicity.) That in itself could be seen as self hatred. Shooting a fellow colleague down for lack of acknowledging some of the artists who frequent his events, who he sees daily via FB, who have giving up on him as he has them, for one reason or another. WE step over our talent everyday because we “know” and grew up with them.  As if they are simply “playing” with their crafts. FB doesn’t help with its algorithms crowd hoarding for likability. Many work tirelessly while struggling with a lack of self confidence, which is only perpetuated by the recycled oppression of our peers. I most certainly could go on.

Instead of badgering those who will remain stuck until they NEED their creations to be acknowledged by their “family” to sustain them, I will acknowledge a few of the projects I’ve discovered this year. Yes I know some of these cats personally or by association which makes me most proud and encouraged by their movements. 

 Junius Paul  a powerful bassist and a crew of Chicago talents lay down dope tunes that exceed the typical one box for genres ..  https://grownkidsradio.bandcamp.com/album/raws-chicago

I sit with this big brother / mentor weekly. Dj Inc knows music and teaches while continuing to put smooth & soulful product out.. 

I stumbled on this gem while I was at Gramaphone in the spring. I purchased this piece of vinyl, with beautifully orchestrated sounds sure to help you escape your average day..


Yes..  I’m growing up with this kid. I can’t remember not knowing Avery. The storytelling and delivery in this project most certainly demands your attention. He’s really a one man band whose sound moves through the musicians on this project.  http://www.amazon.com/Booker-T-Soltreyne-Rekkid-Explicit/dp/B00XPI889Y

Not just soulful house, The Architect leads you into spaces of soul, rnb, jazz and more.. Vick Lavender has been building .. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/vick-lavender-architect/561500-01/

I know I’m missing tons. I picked full projects with the hopes that you will dissect and understand the many lanes covered by these musicians and producers. I’m finding it hard to keep up with new music while focusing on learning production, as well as the business that furthers music artistry. I’ll go back to being quiet (kinda ;))  and hopefully my projects will start to speak to the labor I’m enduring to create these fruits.

Stay tuned.. 

You can sample  some of my #sightandsound “leaks” on Instagram.




  1. avery r young · December 10, 2015

    Thank you blk! The company I am in. Wow.

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