Djs, Producers & or Gadget Geeks Gift List

 For those of you who are traditional gift givers .. Here’s a list of ideas for  gifting those who are djs, producers and or gadget geeks (as they are normally one in the same). 🤓

Pioneer Controller Ddj – Sb

I bought this unit for my godson and was actually surprised at not only the price but how well it functions. You might want to upgrade to the Serato Dj software to get the full effect of the board.

For the Dj who is doing more than aspiring Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 interface. I say more than aspiring because you would want to own cdjs or turntables in addition to a computer to have this unit function. I’ve found traktor to be easy to use and producer minded for those who are interested in making their own music. 

The king of desktop hard drives with a whopping 6tb, wd is my favorite hard drive brand, and I’ve had quite a few different brands. This is for the producer especially, who is working with wave files and multi instrument  projects. Of course the Dj or all around nerd will find this helpful in keeping photos, documents and videos. Wd My Book for Mac (I’m drooling).

I stumbled on these girls in the thick of the night, and thought I’ve havent owned a pair.. yet. Sennhieser is an industry standard for musicians and producers a like. They have extended their brand to accommodate average gadget folk as well. I’m keeping an eye on the bottom pair. 


  I received this tiny in the mail in November. It’s the second of three versions with softer more intuitive drum pads and a little red jog wheel that modulates sounds. Lite, durable and plug in and play with any sound program. Akai is an industry standard, allowing you to get the ideas down wherever you might be sitting at the time.   


I purchased the 3rd of this Magma Dj Bag foursome to be able to carry my controller and accessories in. It’s padded and waterproof. Perfect for not just digital djing but for the gadget nerd on the go. I was delighted to find that it’s actually a decent piece of luggage in general. I suggest you roll your clothes up for best fit. (Lbs)  They aren’t cheap dates but neither is the gear they will carry and more importantly protect.

Ok let’s lighten the load just a bit before we dive into a few more pricey effects.. 


You can never go wrong with a gift card from a music outlet iTunes, Amazon and bandcamp are all easy gift fixes. For the electronic dance selector Traxsource is the go to. Though I’m advocating for people to buy hardcopy in support of independent artists, this is a quick and easy way to make a djs day. 

If you wish to go a step further reference my December picks  

You can also refer to my last blog if you’re interested in supporting Chicago music.

Lol no guessing as to where this screen shot came from. Your girlfriend or boy friend may be an older collector or be a newbie. The older albums have amazing art work why not add it to the walls of the media room. In set of 2 it’s a cheap date. (If you support Walmart ;)) 

Alright let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of what my studio vision board is focused on..

I’m certain your married to the person you’re considering purchasing these gifts for OR you’ve got goals to seal that deal lol.

This is not amateur night ..


I watched a video on YouTube the other night and the resolution of the video was so supreme I had to read every comment to find out what camera was used to film. For videographer, social media manager or film maker ready to be seen in another league of imaging the Sony AX100. (You’ll want to peep the specs on this investment)

  I am a fan of Joe Clausells masterful equing. It mimics playing an instrument. I’m not a fan of big boards that cost a lot and can’t be easily ported. I love this girl she’s definitely in the near future for me. Hand crafted to isolate the highs, lows and mids on any device you plug in to it. The price cannot be beat and I hear the sound is clean.. The  Bozure isolator is my choice to add intensity to the tracks you spin.

I know what you’re thinking.. wtf is this? For the musician, producer and or label owner who understands the investment in his brand and business, who wants a in brick and mortar approach. A quote for hard copy vinyl pressings. 100 pieces will get you started  in the direction of seeing your profits and separating the amateurs from the pros. Dream big and focus on that one piece worthy of being held in your hand and in bins in Japan.. United Record Pressings. This quote generator gives you an awesome opp to compare prices and get the best fit for your release. 
You may have seen Erykah Badu play around with this on stage during her shows. For the Dj who is interested in adding adding live performance to their set or more natural musicality to their tracks. I’m excited about becoming more hands on with this girl. Roland Sonic HPD 20  yesness for 2016.

Finally a bit off the the path but fly nonetheless .. A black owned company has developed an all star type sneaker to align us with conscious intent. For those who are interested in putting dollars in the African American community for Christmas, Kwanzaa or just to be a part of collective economics..   
 For  Kwanzaa Hit this site up!!!

             2 sides for the same winning coin  

              Dj . Producer . Multimedia Artist    

                                   For balance  

              Imaging . Branding . Social Media
The idea is to further the creatives, by engaging in the business of marketing and branding. #consult

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