When You Get Uncomfy… #Findingfathomdj #Thelawofattraction #Musicmonday


What an amazing week I had! I most certainly know where it began. It started with my trip to Atlanta (in 2015 at The Sound Table for the after party ofMonica Rae Simpson) and a connection with (a special) someone who booked me to spin in Las Vegas for Home Depot and now Maui for Oracle. It’s a bit of a switch, based on how the work gets done.



I do feel very worthy of such an experience, based on the work..  I do. My work starts with staying committed and consistent in my pursuit of the things I love. There’s also the branding and marketing piece that shows those who seek a certain level of professionalism, my possibilities. There’s also God, who cannot go unmentioned.


I cannot say that every opportunity I’ve gotten this year has been so stellar and smoothly ran. They all help to create the great year that 2016 has become. As a dj in this Chicago particularly, people might find what you do as “cool”. But no one puts any real merit behind it long term. They only seem to see success as brick and mortar. Cars, clothes and homes create the idea that you have “made it”, unfortunately. Traveling with your work helps, but when you’re dealing with a blue collar mentality, people don’t see the consistency of djing, as much of a career. That is until you do something incredibly big like die (laughing but very serious). This mentality screams mediocrity. The thing is this, regardless to the lack of acknowledgment, something has to switch in the way we handle business as independent artists in general. It might start with getting uncomfy and throwing yourself into unknown situations. Who would think promoting something you love doing  would be a one of those things? Not that it’s the only thing. But mapping (planning) and executing a campaign, to spark the interest of those willing to pay you to. It’s painfully unfortunate that we don’t see bigger business in djing as the world has shown us it has value. I think it’s partially because people don’t see themselves as able to access that kind of success in any capacity. I know the dialogue that goes into this behavior, as I used to partake. Talking about everyone horribly and suggesting that it will only happen once and not last, is a painful normalcy (in Chicago at least). A few of the things that has to change this is faith and allowing. As I speak to the law of attraction, know that it’s vested in putting god first and mind of matter. It also require eliminating toxicities, i.e. thoughts people and things.

I’ve now opened for Sting, Peter Cetera and Nate Ruess of FUN, all after not having a concert opening since Kindred and the Family Soul, Eric Roberson, Roy Ayers. I’d  say in over 7 years at least.


opening for peter cetera


soundcheck for sting


welcoming show w nate ruess


pre show production


the dinner




in my suite practicing


in the office pulling files and organizing for the show



turqouise waters indicative of healing, maui is a magical place!


first day soundcheck


day 2 soundcheck before the dinner and dance party 


look up .. god is


off day nature shine


immersed in water in  business inspirations


getting ready for sting & giving thanks to god and the universe

As I am most certainly interested in consulting those interested in possibly taken the unbeaten path to pursuing their loves of life, whatever medium ..

fathom@fathomdj #findingfathomdj


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