Fathom Dj Bio, Press & Video

Fathom  (fathem) dj/music stylist;  to  penetrate   and  come  to  understand.  Coming  from  the rubble  of  what  some  consider  a  very  trying  time  in  the  world  of  music, the universe  inserts  Fathom DJ. “My mission To  be  the  conveyor  of   the   feeling  of  good  music  regardless  to  genre.” With  this  in  mind,  Fathom’s  set  features  a  variety  of  soulful  sounds  to satisfy both  radio  listeners  as  well  as  those  who  delve  deeper  into  the  obscure. Roy  Ayers, Kindred  The  Family  Soul and Eric Roberson are just a few of the artist she has opened for through alignment with both commercial as well as private event planners and promoters. Fathom has maintained residencies in some of Chicago’s hottest night spots including Funky Buddha Lounge, Darkroom, Cuatro, Sinibar and Tantrum. Steadfast in continuing to build her brand, she is readying herself to enter the world of music production. Through music Fathom Dj  is  touching  a  wide  audience  of  listeners and creating  a  following  to  secure  a  space  as  one  of  the  planets  most  respected  female  dj’s.

For a full bio, credits and bookings please contact bookings@fathomdj.com

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getting up to put it down



  1. Randy · October 25, 2009

    Hey Fathom…i want to thank u for the cd that i got from you at the african festival in washington park during the labor day weekend. I play it in the car and in my bose system in my flat. My neighbors are so irritated when i come home! I love your song selections and your blends are off the meter! I just wanted u to know that i appreciated your artistic approach when you bring the funk! Love Ya………..xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. MARQUS · May 29, 2013

    You made me a fan in ONE night… so you’re slayin’ ’em like that huh? BROOKLYN! 😎

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