#thejourney is not to be suggested or requested … it is to be allowed … take a listen



This weekend in Chicago

This weekend I’m on my regular rotation of events in the south loop with Tantrum Saturday night and Bureau Sunday eve…

Another Booze and Boogie Session will happen in the Bucktown at the end of the month and we want to give you ample time to prepare…

Wanted to send out the reminder that we have a new tune on the market that kind be found in a few place on the internet… look for #whenwemet ….

When We Met on iTunes is a special mix and the instrumental to the knocker

When We Met (The Knocker) is available on my bandcamp page

Have an awesome weekend!

Throwing Caution to the wind… #chicagomusic

We know streaming has no value, beyond exposure. Not to say that exposure isn’t valuable, but our current climate suggests we GIVE music away. That’s a hard nut to crack when you know the energy that goes into creating.

Yesterday I played a tune I’ve been very excited about releasing on my #morninglove show 8a Thursday’s, it tested so well that people were interested in purchasing it. I decided instead of submitting it and waiting to release it to all the major online sources, I’d give it a promo run on bandcamp … check it out !!’ https://fathomdj.bandcamp.com/track/when-we-met