Where is the current sound that speaks to the current state of events, maybe I missed it? (I hope)

I’m so not about distractions right now. Maybe, i should be. I’ve found social media is becoming more of this. I am using this tool right now because information has to be spread. I keep my mind sharp personally. One of my many concerns for future generations is part of why I continue. We are here to teach and learn. I voice my concerns amongst those who mostly agree with me. This isn’t the worst thing because support and perseverance come from knowing you aren’t alone. I struggle mostly with those who don’t want to be open to possible truths. Regardless to what one believes from the beginning of conception, there is the possibility that it could all be wrong.

Music is always at the forefront of my concerns, as it is an important form of art and communication. Right now there is a  component missing from current music, the story of current societal happenings. Yes we have tons of love songs, songs to get you ass, to hustle, to party, and consume (whatever) to. Where is the narrative that goes along with the specific issues of the day. Yes there are tons of songs from prior periods, that speak to “the struggle”. The issue is that you can’t see or hear any of the current representations massively. Of course the theory is that this is not by accident.

Last night after the Furgeson verdict, I sat and referenced a few of the tunes that appealed to the way I felt based in that moment. I immediately pulled Public Enemy, X Clan , and Bob Marley. Yeah it was that real, while listening I cried. The energy of these tunes struck nerves and chords. Yes I wanted to fuck somebody up. This feeling of the movement is what is currently missing.unless i missed something. I KNOW that this type of music is being made. I watched a video this morning about police brutality and honestly his flow was cool, but the beat was wack. All things at this point would suggest that “positive” subject matters have no club or party appeal. I assume if the beat is hot they might though. It made me think about how much we are influenced by what we hear. What do you hear all day everyday or at least when you tune in? (the assumption would be at some point you reference radio or tv even) The underground is full of subgenres that may be feeding your spirit. They don’t end up in mainstream media like Marvin Gayes “what’s going on”, or Billie Holidays “strange fruit”, or “even come together” by The Beatles used to. Yes these are/were popular entertainers and the period that they were created in seemed as if it was filled with issues worthy of these soundtracks. Wait, Isn’t our current state full as well? Or is everyone getting long money, riding in maybachs, rocking isabel marants and carrying birkin bags? I could be wrong, that’s not what I see daily.

Now I’m thinking about 2pac and knowing he spoke to a generation and they were listening and seemingly ready to move. This could be part of why he isn’t here. (if you believe in theories ;))

Maybe everything is so sad that people want to go numb and party and bullshit. Tragic events happen to wake people up and the hope is that you feel something and want to move based on it. Do you feel, anything? Does any particular current tune fill that need? I often wonder, while pulling new music, is anyone listening to THIS with their children? What are you listening to with your kids and are you dialoguing about the content? I did an event recently full of diverse women celebrating pioneers for reproductive freedom. I was thrown a loop when I realized they wanted to hear music that was completely the opposite of what they gathered for. What is the soundtrack to the current state of society and should it be a reflection of such? I ask again.

This morning I referenced Donnies “the colored section”, which actually inspired me to write this post. I can’t help but wonder where he is? Knowing, based on the content of this album, why it’s been placed under the feet and not the shoulders of music’s not so distant past.


Now I’m looking at instagram and cats are posting sneakers and other ego feeders that are not of social/political importance at this moment. I cant help but think, they are dead already. Now back to your regularly scheduled timeline, I guess.

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